Worship Videos

  • “Celebrating the Joy of Music” – Rev. Bill Gupton

    Sunday Worship, May 21, 2023

    Today we honor the retirement of our Music Director, Les Tacy, by celebrating the central role that music plays in our lives, and in our Heritage Church worship experience. Les will play for us and sing a solo, the Choir will sing two pieces – one by Choir Director Steve McCamley and one by Heritage member Bruce Bowdon – and we’ll even sing a hymn composed by former Choir Director Clay Pendergrass. There will be other special music as well.

  • “Embracing Revolutionary Mothering” – Laci Lee Adams

    Sunday Worship, May 14, 2023

    Considering its historical American ties to abolition, suffrage, and post-war reconciliation, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to embrace the revolutionary potential of mothering to build community, inspire resilience and expand our definition of “care.” Join Laci Lee Adams, Director of Lifespan Faith Development, for this All Ages service that explores our collective commitment to raising up hope together as we birth new worlds!

  • “The Flower Ceremony” – Rev. Bill Gupton

    Sunday Worship, May 7, 2023

    This Sunday marks the 100th anniversary of the Flower Ceremony, a uniquely Unitarian Universalist rite of spring. Come celebrate the origins, and the modern vitality, of this ritual of springtime sharing. Each person (regardless of age) is asked to bring with them this morning a fresh flower, to place on our altar; everyone will leave with a different flower, brought by someone else in the congregation. We will enjoy music from our Choir and our retiring Music Director, Les Tacy, as we build our bouquet of beauty.

    The service will also include a ceremony welcoming new members into the church. 

  • “Honoring Our Blue Boat Home” – Earth-Based Pagan Group

    Sunday Worship, April 23, 2023

    Let’s explore what it means to navigate life on this beautiful Blue Boat that we call home. This earth-based service will enhance our understanding of how to better steward our precious planet. We will utilize the Unitarian Universalist Sixth Source that affirms and promotes “Spiritual teachings of Earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.” During this service, we’ll also hear wonderful music from our choir.

  • “Karma: Getting Her on Your Good Side” – The Gang of Us

    Sunday Worship, April 16, 2023

    How can the concepts of Karma and Cause & Effect bring us freedom from feeling we somehow “deserve” bad things that happen to us? Or, better, shed light that helps us reconsider our actions and even break the chain of causation?

  • “A Unitarian Universalist Easter” – Rev. Bill Gupton

    Sunday Worship, April 9, 2023

    We celebrate Easter Sunday this year with singing and rejoicing, words and silence, and reflections on the meaning of the season for Unitarian Universalists. Come hear the Choir, watch the kids hunt for Easter Eggs, and enjoy the warmth and companionship of the Heritage community. Fancy Easter hats optional, but always welcome!