Love is the Spirit of this Church

At Heritage Church We:
~ Celebrate Life
~ Create Community
~ Seek Justice

Photograph of a circle of people holding hands around the sides of the Great Hall.

We live in a world where some of us experience increasing isolation and little support for the growth of our children as whole human beings.

  • Coworkers and acquaintances we feel we can’t connect with deeply
  • Lack of ethical/moral foundation for our children
  • Religious organizations that place us outside the circle of the saved
  • Societal problems we cannot address alone
  • … Or other factors that too often seem to divide us.

Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church provides a place of real community, religious education for children and youth, and acceptance no matter your theological beliefs, national origin, sexuality, gender identity/expression, ability/disability, or other factors.

  • “197 and Counting”

    “197 and Counting”

    Sunday, May 19, 2024, 10:30 a.m.

    Rev. Bill Gupton leads this worship service.

    This congregation was founded in the spring of 1827. As we look ahead to the last three years of our second century of existence (what?!?), we can be thoughtful and intentional in our plans and our mission. What would we like to be able to celebrate when we gather for our big bicentennial party?

    At 10:30 a.m., join us in the sanctuary or click this Zoom link.

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Worship with us in person or online

For Sunday morning worship, join us in the sanctuary (map and directions) or click the Zoom link that will appear before the service in the service description. The worship service and its attendees may be video recorded and appear later on various media.

Sharing Our Abundance: Since January 2017, Heritage UU Church has been giving away all of the plate offering every Sunday to a worthy non-profit organization working to help change the world in alignment with our values. You can give in the plate on Sunday, or learn more and donate using the link provided each week.

  • Sharing our Abundance

    The week of May 19, 2024 we will Share our Abundance with Found House.

    The mission of Found House is to provide homeless families with emergency shelter and hospitality through interfaith communities, and to work with families to find and retain stable housing.

Heritage is a Unitarian Universalist church that encourages each person to search for their own understanding of truth and meaning, and does not tell you what to believe. What holds us together is a sense of community and shared principles.