Worship Videos

  • “Facing the Abyss” – Bruce Bowdon

    Sunday Worship, August 13, 2023

    There are times in our lives that we must face the abyss: a decision where we consider the previously unimaginable or are faced with having to let go of a system of beliefs and/or comfort we thought we could rely upon. To face an abrupt change can be demoralizing and seem to call for more fortitude than we know we possess. Nothing in our past offers any guidance of how to make this decision.

  • “This Wondrous Universe” – Rev. Bill Gupton

    Sunday Worship, August 6, 2023

    With each passing year, we human beings are learning more about this wondrous Universe in which we live. And the more we learn, the more we are amazed at its mysteries. In this worship service we lean into the awe and reverence that an open-minded, open-hearted look at our Universe cannot help but inspire.

  • “Hold Fast to This Light: Our Flaming Chalice” – Rev. Bill Gupton

    Sunday Worship, July 30, 2023

    What is this thing we call a “chalice” that we light with flame each Sunday morning on our altar? What are these logos and stylized images that represent Unitarian Universalism? Why a “flaming chalice,” and what does it mean? Let’s learn a little more about our UU faith today. 

  • “The Word of the Day is…OBSERVE!” – Laci Lee Adams

    Sunday Worship, July 16, 2023.

    The summer is the perfect time to hone our skills of observation. During Sunday’s All Ages Worship service, we will explore how we can fully embrace our senses, self and world through observation. Led by Laci Lee Adams, Director of Lifespan Faith Development, worship will include media clips from Sesame Street and interactive opportunities to use all of our senses to OBSERVE! 

  • “Spiritual Security” – Finn Palmer

    Sunday Worship, July 9, 2023

    Join Finn Palmer for a deep dive into the meaning of safety and security on a physical and spiritual level through the lens of Universalist Unitarianism and loving compassion. This service will include discussions and insights about the importance of spiritual security in our hearts, and the drive to include it in our daily lives. Our goal will be to better understand ourselves and our relationships to our physical and spiritual environments.

  • “Love is a Choice” – Jaime Castle

    Sunday Worship, July 2, 2023

    Over this holiday weekend, we will apply our first principle—that every person has inherent worth and dignity—to our everyday lives. It begs the question: how can we sustain a genuine love for someone or something that we may not necessarily find likable? Bring the whole family for this special message featuring special music!