Website and Heirloom Newsletter Submitter’s Guide


All material provided must meet the requirements of the Website and Heirloom Newsletter Content Policy.

Rules for Pictures

Pictures should be sharp and clear, and should be large in size, that is, have high resolutions.

If you take pictures of people, get permission from all people in the picture to have their picture appear on the Internet and in the Heirloom. Inform the web administrator or Heirloom editor that permissions have been granted.

If you find a picture on the Internet that you want to use, make sure it does not have copyright or usage restrictions. For possible sources, see the Online Sources for Free Photos. Send the web administrator or editor a link to the page where the photograph is found.

Please use photographs as opposed to clip art or images with text. However, if a suitable photograph cannot be found, clip art is acceptable.

Content of Articles

Include the following pieces of information:

  • A title for the article.
  • Who to contact for more information, with an email link or phone number.

If it is an event, also include the following:

  • Date and time of the event.
  • Location of the event, if it is not Heritage Church.
  • Description of the event.
  • Who the event is open to (examples: women of the church, church members and friends, adults and high school teens, the public).
  • Whether childcare will be provided, or is available upon request, or is not available.

Provide any links needed (for example, to an external webpage or to an email address).

Try to follow the Website and Heirloom Newsletter Style Guide.


Submit material at the time you want it to appear on the website, and/or prior to the submittal due date for the Heirloom.

If you submit an article for an event that will happen several months in the future, the Heirloom editor will repeat the article unchanged in succeeding months of the Heirloom, and you do not need to resubmit it.

If you want an article to be repeated in succeeding months but with changes (such as changes of date), you will need to arrange for this with the Heirloom editor.

Submittal Method

Type (or copy and paste) the text into the body of an email message, or attach it to an email message as a Microsoft Word document. Send any pictures as attachments to emails.

Send items to the email address of the editor. You can find that email address on the Contact Us page. Within 24 hours, the editor will send you confirmation of receipt. If you do not receive such confirmation, please call the editor.


The Web Technologist and/or Heirloom Editor make the final decision regarding what text and pictures to use, and also reserve the right to edit the text and pictures submitted.

If you have questions, contact the web administrator at: