Website and Heirloom Newsletter Content Policy

1. The Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church as a whole, and its Board of Trustees in particular, has ultimate control over the content of the church website and the Heirloom newsletter.

2. Content must be intended to further the mission and aims of Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church. Information must concern the organization or activities of:

  • Heritage UU Church, or
  • Another UU church/organization, or
  • A social justice or interfaith organization of which Heritage UU Church is a member, or
  • A social justice or interfaith organization/event which a Heritage congregant has attended or will attend.

3. Columns appearing in the “Columns and Essays” and “Opinion” sections of the website and newsletter must be the work of a Heritage congregant.

4. Content must be used in a way that respects the rights of copyright holders.

5. Content must respect privacy rights as specified in the “Publicly viewable content” section of the website Privacy Policy.

6. Content must merit a “G” rating, suitable for all audiences.

7. Content must not violate federal, state or local laws, or government regulations.

8. The web administrator or the web administrator’s designee will review the submitted content for adherence to content policy and style guidelines, and reserves the right to revise and edit website contributions using their best judgment.