UU Hymn: “We Would Be One”

Michael Tacy

We have a guest contributor for our Hymn: Michael Tacy, Music Director of The Gathering at Northern Hills UU Church. Our hymn is #318, “We Would Be One.” The lyrics were written by Unitarian minister Samuel Anthony Wright. The music is set to the Finlandia tune by Jean Sibelius.

Kimberley Debus, author of the Blog farfringe.com, suggests this hymn has “given us one of the most beautiful songs we have, about love, yes, but more. It not only talks of joining together in love, but it gives us the next ten words – namely ‘we pledge ourselves to greater service, with love and justice’”. She goes on to say that she “needs this aspiration of love and justice, of coming together to show the world what beloved community really looks like. And yes, if you’re just waking up to our nation’s long and ugly history of hate and violence, well, we’ll ignore the fact that you’re late to the party and just be glad you showed up at all.”

Considering the events in Washington D.C. last week, the concept of unity, of “being one,” really makes sense right now. Meditate or sing with Michael Tacy as he sings #318, “We Would Be One”.

YouTube link: We Would Be One