UU Hymn: “There’s a Wideness in Your Mercy”

Michael Tacy

We have a guest contributor for our Hymn: Michael Tacy, Music Director of The Gathering at Northern Hills UU Church. Our hymn is #213, “There’s a Wideness in Your Mercy.” The lyrics, by Frederick William Faber, employ wonderful metaphors, such as “like the wideness of the sea,” to understand the expansiveness of God’s mercy.

Kimberley Debus, author of the Blog farfringe.com, suggests this hymn has “an incredibly important message: STOP LIMITING GOD.” She goes on to say that this hymn is helpful on “those days when it’s rainy and dark, when the to do list is so long you have several of them cross reference to keep track, when exhaustion and allergies and the unrelenting sadness and anger of the times beats down. Those days a hymn like this gets inside and pulls me out of the funk as I remember how wide, merciful, kind, and loving the Divine truly is.”

Meditate with Michael Tacy as he sings #213. YouTube link: There’s a Wideness in Your Mercy