UU Hymn: “Rise Up O Flame”

Our hymn is #362, “Rise Up O Flame.” Performing this is Michael Tacy, Music Director of The Gathering at Northern Hills.

This is one of the short hymns in our the UU hymnal. Often used as an introductory or gathering hymn, the lyrics of this song goes along well with the common practice of using candles in our church services. This is often sung while the chalice is being lit at the beginning of services.

The words are from an anonymous source, and the melody is by Michael Praetorius, a German composer, organist, and music theorist.

The lyrics are simple but direct: “Rise up, O flame, by thy light glowing. Show to us beauty, vision, and joy.”

Since this hymn is so short, please listen to it first, then sing along with it. Then you may want to sing or listen to it over and over a few times as a form of meditation.

On YouTube: Rise Up O Flame.