UU Hymn: “Now the Green Blade Riseth”

Hymn #266, “Now the Green Blade Riseth”, has a tune from a medieval French carol, with the harmony by Marcel Dupre,1886 – 1971. The lyrics are written by John MacLeod Campbell Crum, 1872 – 1958.

As Kimberley Debus, author of the blog “Notes from the Far Fringe”, states: “This lyric, by John MacLeod Campbell Crum, an early 20th century Anglican priest, is not for the faint of heart. In fact, it gets right to the heart. And, in true UU fashion – even though he wasn’t a UU – it does that great thing of connecting the Christian Easter story to nature’s resurrection.”

This song is performed by Les Tacy, Music Director of Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church.

Enjoy the YouTube video, Now the Green Blade Riseth.