UU Hymn: “Love Makes a Bridge”

Les Tacy, Music Director, sings hymn #325, “Love Makes a Bridge.”

The lyrics of this hymn, which you can follow on the video, are by Brian Wren. Wren is an internationally published hymn-poet whose work appears in many hymnals. Ordained in Britain’s United Reformed Church, he is now Professor Emeritus of Worship at Columbia Theological Seminary. For more information on Brian Wren, see this Wikipedia article.

The music is by Gerald Wheeler, long time church organist and choir director. Gerald says his father wanted him to be a bank clerk, but he told him he wanted to be an organist. After his return from serving in WWII, he enrolled at the Royal College of Music in London where he was trained as a pianist. To get more information on Wheeler, see this link to an article about his recent retirement: https://islandadvantages.com/news/2019/oct/4/gerald-wheeler-longtime-church-organist-choir-dire/#.YQ_xqohKhPY

Watch the YouTube video and sing along with Love Makes a Bridge.