UU Hymn: “Guide My Feet”

We invite you to open your hymnals to hymn #348, “Guide My Feet.” The words are also on screen in the video. This hymn is featured in honor of MLK day January 17, 2022.

The text is inspired from Psalm 119 of the Old Testament. It is a song calling for God’s guidance as we seek to walk a path that is difficult at times. As Kimberley Debus, author of the Blog Notes from the Far Fringe, farfringe.com, states: “Psalm 119 is a long lament to God for mercy. The writer is seeking protection. So, it is no wonder the enslaved Africans might have heard this psalm and wanted to ask for the same thing.”

A special thanks to Stephanie Tacy, who is the audio and video editor for all musical pieces performed by Les Tacy.

Enjoy the YouTube video Guide My Feet.