UU Hymn: “Freedom is Coming”

Our hymn is #1035, performed by guest musician Michael Tacy, Music Director for The Gathering at Northern Hills.

This hymn has a connection with apartheid in South Africa. Kimberley Debus, author of the blog “Notes from the Far Fringe”, writes:

“There is much we can learn about the United States, past and present, from examining South African apartheid: from the creep of discriminatory legislation to the ways in which resistance to those laws bend the moral arc of the universe toward justice. And as we see over and over again, music makes a difference. We have talked about it here a lot – the enslaved Africans in America, the civil rights movement, Estonia’s singing revolution, and more. Music spreads, music informs, music reaches deep in and grabs hold of our spirits, music shifts our energy and can change our minds.”

Enjoy the YouTube video: Freedom is Coming