UU Hymn: Finlandia Medley

Our hymn is a combination of two hymns, a medley of the Finlandia tune, numbers 159 and 318. The composer of this Finnish tune is Jean Sebelius. It is considered the national anthem for many in Finland, and its most important song.

The lyrics of hymn 159 are by Lloyd Stone, written as a prayer of peace. The lyrics of hymn 318 are written by Unitarian minister Samuel Anthony Wright, for the Unitarian and Universalist youth at their Continental Convention of 1953-54. His lyrics bring into focus the concept of Oneness, less than a decade before the Unitarian and Universalist faiths would indeed join as one.

We are graced to have Joan Stoffregen lead this medley, singing the alto and soprano lines, while Les Tacy sings the tenor and bass lines.

Enjoy and sing along as this medley combines the important lyrics of both hymns.

Enjoy the YouTube video: Finlandia Medley