UU Hymn: “Filled with Loving Kindness”

Our hymn is “Filled with Loving Kindness”, #1031. Written by Rev. Ian Riddell, this hymn encourages us to feel peaceful and at ease. As such, it is part of a graceful, musical setting for a Buddhist meditation.

Kimberley Debus, author of the blog “Notes from the Far Fringe,” states: “I have used this in so many different settings and for so many topics. Between this and Sarah Dan’s Meditation on Breathing (#1009), we have the makings of a chant cycle to get us through all of these hard times – times when we need to be brought back to ourselves and reminded of our interconnectedness.”

Join Les Tacy, Music Director of Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church, as he plays and sings this hymn. Visit the YouTube video for Filled with Loving Kindness.