Ten Reasons to Join the Universalist Church, 1962

by Mike Roberts, Church Historian

Fifty years ago [as of 2012], our church, then under the pastorate of Reverend Raymond Baughan, published a brochure to tell visitors and others about The First Universalist Church of Cincinnati. In that brochure were listed ten good reasons for joining this church.

1) Because in times like these, it is important for the forces of good to be organized to make their impact felt in human life.

2) Because it will give you satisfaction to take those vague impulses for the good you feel, and harness them up to a group and program for action and influence.

3) Because the Universalist church stands for that natural and human approach to religion, unclouded by the vagaries of other-worldliness.

4) Because in this church neither children nor adults are afraid to ask questions.

5) Because the early grounding in religion which children receive in our church school is of a kind that will not be challenged and discredited by college and adult experiences.

6) Because our kind of religion respects the integrity and ability of men, and calls upon them not merely to accept a pre-digested faith but to think and fashion a religious faith for themselves.

7) Because unless we are willing to undertake some responsibility for carrying on and enriching the spiritual heritage we have received, we are falling short of our obligations as citizens.

8) Because this spiritual heritage is the most important and valuable thing in life to all of us, and its support and enhancement properly placed is one of the first obligations of human life.

9) Because in church you meet people who care about other people.

10) Because this church has the kind of religion suited to a world in which individuals are growing in intelligence and in competence, and to a world gradually evolving to universal values.

These ten reasons were credited to Tracy Pullman.