E-Shopping Discounts, Internet Searches, and Heritage Fundraising

What do these three things have in common? Through Goodshop.com and its associated Goodsearch.com you can shop on-line, receive coupon discounts, and search the web, all while donating to Heritage at no cost to you. From Goodshop, you can find discounts from thousands of popular retailers while Goodshop donates a percentage of your purchase cost to Heritage. From Goodsearch, you fundraise for Heritage merely by freely searching the internet.

What is Goodshop and How to Use It

Obtain an introduction to Goodshop on their website page: https://www.goodshop.com/about. They describe their organization as follows:

We like to say that we have the most powerful coupons in the world. Not only do we provide the best shopping deals on the internet, but we also make a donation to the nonprofit or school of your choice for almost every purchase you make. That’s right: when you shop with Goodshop you don’t just save. You also give, at no extra cost.”

You can get the latest coupons and offers for thousands of top retailers, including Amazon, Macy’s, Target, and Best Buy.

To sign up for Goodshop to donate to Heritage because of your purchases, click this link https://www.goodshop.com/nonprofit/heritage-universalist-unitarian-church. It will take you to the Goodshop page for you to sign up to adopt Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church as your cause. Go back at any time to www.goodshop.com to look for more coupons and deals.

What is Goodsearch and How to Use It

When you search the internet using Goodsearch, a Yahoo search engine, you help earn donations for our church. If you select HUUC to receive contributions from your search activity via Goodsearch, we receive credits and eventually dollars from this company.

To activate donations to Heritage from Goodsearch, if you have not already done so, click the link above for Goodshop and sign up to support Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church. Then on that website, click the menu item for Goodsearch. It will take you to a search box where you can search the Internet, just as you would with any other search engine. You can also download a browser extension that will make Goodsearch the default search engine for your browser.

Each search activity contributes one cent to our annual threshold level $20. Once we achieve that level in a one-year period, we will receive a check for all our searches that year.   

Image Source: https://tinyurl.com/33cw99ed, compiled with logos by Barb Barnes