Services of the HUUC Caring Circle

Back in the late 1990s one of our congregants took it upon herself to send cards to other congregants marking important times in their lives. In 2004, Connie Booth felt this task should be shared with others. So, Connie, Joann Meyer, and Joan Stoffregan began what is now called our Caring Circle. Members as well as tasks of this group have changed and evolved over the years, but for many decades, Heritage has been strengthened by the work of this group of individuals.

The Caring Circle responds to the individual situations of our congregants and regular attendees (friends) in their times of joy, sorrow or illness. Some of the Circle services provided include:

  • Coordination of visits to hospitals, nursing homes, and private homes
  • Coordinating meal delivery when needed by initiating a Meal Baby circulation to the congregation
  • Facilitating memorial service guidance, support, and personal help at the service
  • Sending cards to those experiencing a life crisis or a milestone event
  • Making phone calls to follow up on a congregant’s well being
  • Recording the Candles of Community each week for potential follow up action
  • Following up on other tasks suggested by the minister.

Committee members give visible credence to our Heritage Church belief that, “Love is the spirit of this church and service is its prayer.”

Church members or friends who are aware of a HUCC member or friend with needs may inform the Circle by calling or texting Joann Meyer at 513-490-8199 or emailing her at:

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