Secret #2 for the Second Sunday Potluck Lunch

May 12, 2024 Gathering Meal

Second in a Series by the Editor

Our monthly, second Sunday potluck lunch table, in the great hall directly after services on May 12, 2024, will groan in delight with dishes crafted by many culinary-talented gods/goddess. However, what are you to do if you don’t have those skills, like me, or don’t have the time to create something to contribute? Here is my second in a series of how to help fill out the table without causing digestive concerns.

I might stop at the Newtown UDF (United Dairy Farmers) convenience store on the way to church and pick up potato chips and dip. Who doesn’t like that? Nobody can make that classical combo any better than I can! I even provide fancy containers of a bright yellow bag and a decorated serving dish (i.e., logo-enhanced plastic tub.) Both fit easily in among the more healthy alternatives on the table – no need to soil additional dishware! In my estimate, even healthy, nourishing items need balancing with junk food, every now and then.

Did you forget or you don’t have time to pick up something? Then, come have lunch on us. There is always more than enough to feed all.

Come join us for the May 12, 2024 feast right after worship services, in the great hall. We offer selections for all tastes – vegan to carnivores, diets for reducing or gaining, gluten-free or gluten-charged, healthy or perhaps not so much so, with a side of friendly conversation with congregants and guests alike.

~ Your culinary-challenged Heirloom editor, Barb Barnes

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