Two pieces of visual art.

Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories

Tuesday, September 12, 2023, 7:00 p.m., offsite.

Greater Anderson Promotes Peace (GAPP) and Anderson Churches for Racial Unity (ACRU) welcome Dr. Joan Ferrante and Northern Kentucky University students with Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories (MCRC) for An Art Exhibit: Painting, Poetry, and Sculpture. The location is Anderson Hills Church, 7515 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45255.

This exhibit includes poetry, discussion and 10 sculptures created by MCRC artist Monica Naymar. The group of sculptures artistically addresses how each of the racial categories we use today to identify ourselves were born out of a signature trauma—a trauma that the category carries today—and responses each category had made to find some relief.

This art and poetry event will explore key questions that inform MCRC’s work:

~ How have our relationships and families been broken apart into distinctly different racial categories?

~ How does the U.S. manage to get people to sign on to be a race?

Acknowledging this sorrow can help us begin the process of “undividing” on an individual, community, and national level.

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If you have questions, please see Louise Lawarre.

Images: Artwork by the students of Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories.