Potluck Lunch

Second Sunday Potluck Lunch – March 10, 2024 in the Great Hall

Have you ever heard of UU food? A HUUC (Heritage) youth once described it as “kale, quinoa, and tofu yuck!” Most attendees describe the HUUC potluck as delicious diversity with a side of community – spanning healthy/unique alternatives to comfort foods to hedonistic delights with a chance to break bread, literally, with old and new friends. HUUC serves that up to our community every second Sunday of the month. Vegans and carnivores alike are satisfied. Just bring something to share for the second Sunday of the month potluck lunch directly after service.

You’re not a good cook, you say? Stop by the nearby Newtown UDF on the drive in to church and pick up something. That trick works even when you only remember it is Potluck Sunday on your way to church. Still, HUUC potlucks are like the biblical “loaves and fishes,” there is always enough to feed everyone whether you bring something or not. No judgment is served. The potluck is a great opportunity to meet fellow members and friends while enjoying what one member described as “the best meal of the month.” Come join the monthly feast!

Image Source: Prepared by B. Barnes, all images creative commons rights