A line of people seated in the assembly hall look at the camera.

Pictures from General Assembly 2023

Some members and staff of Heritage UU Church attended the annual General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association, which took place this year in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from June 21 through June 25, 2023. Provided below are some pictures.

Bridges crossing the Alleghany River in Pittsburgh, PA. June 2023.
In the opening banner parade, the Heritage UU Church banner is carried by Bob Lamb and (not visible) Ellie Lamb and Liberty Lamb. GA 2023.
A teen girl and her grandfather holding the Heritage Church banner.
Bob Lamb and his granddaughter Liberty pose with the Heritage UU Church banner after the banner parade. GA 2023.
A teen stands in front of a huge banner that has painted angel wings.
Ren Ciolino stands in front of a picture proclaiming the theme of General Assembly, “Faithfully Becoming.” GA 2023.
A large poster showing the "Love flower" values graphic in the proposed new Article II.
Article 2 Commission poster. GA 2023.
Poster with the words "We support an individual's Freedom of Belief.
Freedom of Belief poster with “Save the Seven Principles” logo and QR Code. GA 2023.
Scene looking down on the Exhibit Hall, showing booths and social areas.
Exhibit Hall. GA 2023.
Woman smiling and looking at the camera, with an exhibit area in the background behind her.
Rebecca Pace on the exhibit hall floor. GA 2023.
A Black man and a white man at microphones on a stage.
Saturday morning worship service: “Deeper Than The Skin,” a musical presentation on Race in America performed by professional singer/songwriters/teachers Reggie Harris and Greg Greenway. A friendship of 35 years. GA 2023.
Youth and young adults with hand-lettered signs standing in front of the assembly. One person in the assembly has a raised fist.
Unscheduled rally by youth and young adults, taking place during the General Session on Saturday. The youth and young adults called for support of the motion for the UUA to divest completely from the fossil fuel industry and use the money for reparations. The UUA Board had recommended against the motion. (The next day, after voting was completed, it was announced that the motion had failed.) GA 2023.
A line of people seated in the assembly hall look at the camera.
Heritage UU Church attendees at General Assembly on Sunday, starting from the foreground: Rebecca Pace, Rae Jane Araujo, Rev. Bill Gupton, Ren Ciolino (barely visible), Jen Ciolino, Bob Lamb (leaning back), Liberty Lamb, Ellie Lamb (face not visible), and Laci Lee Adams. Not pictured: Bill Lyon and Russ Araujo. GA 2023.
A choir stands upon a raised platform.
The General Assembly Choir sings during Sunday morning worship. GA 2023.
A woman in a blue robe stands reading at the lecturn, while another woman in a dark robe stands a couple paces back and to the side.
Outgoing Unitarian Universalist Association President, Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick-Gray, addresses the assembly while the UUA President-elect, Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt, stands at the side. GA 2023.
A woman sits while a group of people stand around her, laying their hands on her shoulders or on the person in front of them.
Current UUA President Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick-Gray, and past UUA President Rev. William G. Sinkford (face not visible), joined by members of the UUA Board of Trustees, lay hands on the incoming President, Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt. Later in the installation ceremony, all in attendance at the assembly were invited to connect together and with this group in the laying on of hands. GA 2023.