Parish Notes from the 1940s

by Mike Roberts, Church Historian

During the 1940s, most of the church announcements were included in the Order of Service each Sunday. They were labeled as “Parish Notes”. These included future events, important news and items that we would include currently in our “Candles of Community.” Below are shared just a select few of these Parish Notes. They do yield some insight into the times in which they were offered and the history of our church.

~~ Parish Notes ~~

We are happy to announce that Miss Elizabeth Wilson who has been confined to her home for some time as the result of a street car accident is greatly improved and has returned to work.

Recently Mrs. E. L. Hundley received a letter from her grandson, Ben Smith, U. S. Navy, in which he said, “please thank the church for the delicious box of nuts sent to me at Christmas time. I certainly did appreciate them and enjoyed them (what I got of them), but you know I am not good at writing letters like that.

The Toberg Rest Home, where Mrs. Eunice Kavanaugh has been living, has been moved from Ingleside Street in Walnut Hills. Friends may now visit her at the new address of the home, 2713 Eden Avenue, Mt. Auburn.

The Victory Book Campaign Committee is endeavoring to secure additional books for the use of men in our armed services. Next Sunday, April 11, will be “Book Sunday.” You are asked to bring a book or books to church or leave them with the minister. These books will be collected by Boy Scout Troops for the committee.

Word has been received that Mrs. Alice Cummins, wife of our General Superintendent, is definitely better and on the road to recovery.

Lt. Richard G. White Jr., a prisoner of war, may be reached at the following address:
1st Lt. Richard G. White Jr.
American P.O.W.
Stalag Luft 3, Germany
P.O.W. 961
Via New York, New York

Robert C. Buescher, former trustee of this church, will receive his wings in the Bombardment Division of the Army Air Corps, Seymour, Indiana today. Mrs. Buescher and the family are in Seymour today for the occasion.

On January 10th, a young man weighing 7 pounds and named Larry Joseph came to Cincinnati. He is quite a lad and on January 16th took possession of 296 McGregor Avenue in Mount Auburn. We speak of that young man whose perambulator you will now see Mr. and Mrs. Bud Williams pushing. We are all happy for Bud and Mary.

Dr. Carl H. Olson formerly minister of this church has been appointed by Mayor Hubert H. Humphrey to the Minneapolis, Minnesota Municipal Housing and Redevelopment Authority. We congratulate Dr. Olson on this appointment.

Mr. Thorburn was the guest of Dr. Victor E. Reichert at the Yom Kippur services in the Rockdale Avenue Temple on Tuesday evening last. The Rev. Julius Krolfifer of St. John’s Unitarian Church was also a guest. Our best wishes are extended to Dr. Reichert and his congregation at Rockdale Temple as they enter their New Year. Certainly we extend our good wishes to Dr. Heller and the members of the Plum Street Temple.

Next Sunday the Universalist Ministers of Ohio will enter into a general exchange of pulpits under the direction of the State Board. The preacher in this church will be the Rev. Harriet E. Druley of Springfield. All know Miss Druley so we bespeak a large congregation to greet her. Mr. Thorburn will preach in Columbus.

Mr. Powel Crosley, Jr. is confined to a hospital in Miami, Florida with pneumonia. He has been quite ill and will not be able to return to Cincinnati for three weeks following his release from the hospital. The Cincinnati Reds have opened their season at Crosley Field. They have shown considerable spirit. Our best wishes to Mr. Crosley and his associates and the team for a first division finish. (Ed: The Reds did not benefit from our church’s support. They finished the 1947 season with 73 wins and 81 losses finishing in fifth place, 21 games behind the league champion Brooklyn Dodgers.)

Your attention is called to the fact that the parsonage telephone is on a party line. It is important that confidential calls and many other messages should not be phoned in. We are contemplating methods whereby this annoyance may be eliminated. It may be necessary to install an extension from the office telephone. In the meantime, may we request that appointments be made to see the minister regarding important matters pertaining to the church.

We are happy to report that the Rev. R. S. Kellerman is making progress at Christ Hospital. Mr. Kellerman injured his back while working in his chicken coop at his home in Blanchester. He is now 93 years of age.

Image: Stained glass windows inside the Essex Place Church Building, Cincinnati, Ohio. Windows are donated in honor of the Cary sisters, Alice and Phoebe.

Image photographed by Barb Barnes in 2016.