Our Pledge for Living in the Spirit of Community

We, the members and friends of Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church, seek, encourage, and support the continued spiritual growth of our diverse community.

In support of this pledge, I accept responsibility for my words and actions and seek to understand other’s concerns and viewpoints.

I will listen actively to others, asking for clarification to avoid misunderstanding.

I will express my thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental way.

I will seek to resolve significant conflicts directly in the spirit of loving-kindness.

I will refrain from gossip and hurtful comments.

I will be welcoming to visitors and others.

I will honor confidences that have been shared with me.

I will seek out the opinions of those who will be affected by my decisions.

I will carry out my church responsibilities in a timely manner.

We, being human, may fail to meet our pledge many times. I will seek to heal the hurt in myself, and others, when I and they fall short.

~ Developed by a task force at Heritage UU Church in 2008, using input from the congregation.

Image courtesy of ARPCP.