On the Path

by Rev. Bill Gupton

It is a poignant time of year. I write this on the first full day of Fall. The temperature outside is refreshingly crisp and clear. The sky is a vivid shade of blue. There are already a few precocious, colorful leaves showing off, here and there on the trees. And just about everyone has a little bounce to their step. As the summer of 2023 fades into memory, we look forward to the many delights of fall (which for me include brilliant foliage, football and other sports, seasonal rituals like the Day of the Dead and Thanksgiving, and curling up under a still-lightweight blanket).

The changing of the seasons reminds us of what one song in our hymnal calls “the march of days” – that passing of time which, if we aren’t paying attention, can catch us by surprise. How can it be October? How can this friend have died? How can this child be all grown up? One recent week I grieved the death of long-time church member Gretchen Norman Elliston, officiating at her cremation, then turned right around and performed the wedding ceremony of a young man who grew up in the church and – only yesterday, it seems – was a gangly member of our youth group. Just a couple of weeks earlier, I had helped welcome our Director of Lifespan Faith Development’s new baby into this world.

Yes, perhaps more than any other, this time of year makes us aware of the cycle of life and the timeless procession of the generations. I encourage you to take some time – give yourself some mindful space – to reflect on this glorious and challenging reality. Each of us is a one-of-a-kind, limited-edition expression of the Spirit of Life – unique, in all the Universe. Our days are precious. That we get to share them with one another, is simply a bonus. A blessing beyond all measure.

I look forward to sharing some of them with you, this Fall.

Rev. Bill