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  • Heritage Church Celebrates with a Baby Shower

    Heritage Church Celebrates with a Baby Shower

    On Sunday, August 13, 2023, Heritage UU Church held a baby shower for Laci Lee Adams, our Director of Lifespan Education. We all wish Laci well as she prepares for a new little one in her home!

    Image: Emily Popler (left) and Laci Lee Adams (right) hold their child Ben at a baby shower on August 13, 2023.

    Image courtesy of Erin Walczewski. All rights reserved.

  • Les Tacy Retirement Celebration

    Les Tacy Retirement Celebration

    On Sunday, May 21, 2023, we at Heritage Church honored the retirement of our Music Director, Les Tacy, by celebrating the central role that Les’ music has played in our worship experience. Les was honored with cake, mementos, and words of appreciation in the Great Hall.

    Cake decorated to look like piano keys.
    Three people stand behind a table with several cakes. The woman is reading to one of the men.
    A man cuts a cake.
    A man stands with a cake knife in his hand, looking out.

    Photos courtesy of Rae Jane Araujo.

  • HUUC People Participate in IPM Pack-O-Rama

    HUUC People Participate in IPM Pack-O-Rama

    On Wednesday, March 8, 2023, Heritage UU Church members went to Inter Parish Ministry (IPM) in Amelia to volunteer to pack crates with dry goods, which will be given out at the weekly drive-thru pantry at the Amelia location.

    More than 100 milk crates were each filled with three recycled grocery bags containing a variety of dry and canned goods.

    In the past, the Freestore Foodbank packed boxes for IPM and delivered them to the locations in Amelia and Newtown, as well as to the more than forty mobile pantries IPM provides at various locations during the spring and summer.

    This service is no longer provided by the Freestore Foodbank. Given the high cost of the cardboard boxes, IPM has resorted to a “do it ourselves” assembly line style pack-o-rama.

    In addition to all of the other items given out (produce, milk, meat, eggs, bread, sweets, personal care items, diapers etc.), each family receives the contents of one of the crates (double for families of six or more).

    Given that there are approximately 120-150 crates given out at the regular Thursday/Friday drive-thru pantries as well as others distributed to various social service agencies/affordable housing complexes, the need is ongoing.

    Volunteers are also always needed for putting together power packs that are distributed to local schools, which then distribute the packs to food-insecure students over weekends and holidays.

    Anyone interested in participating in a future packing event, or organizing a group, can contact Bob Drake.

    People who participated in the pack-o-rama and/or assembled power-packs:

    Man holding a milk-crate  box of supplies
    Woman packing a box
    Man in dress shirt and ball cap loading several crates
    Woman loading a plastic grocery bag
    Two women loading supplies in a milk-crate box

    Images courtesy of Bob Drake.

  • Minister Emeritus Assumes New Ministry

    Minister Emeritus Assumes New Ministry

    The Rev. Dr. Doak M. Manfield, our Minister Emeritus, has been selected as half-time minister of The UU Fellowship of Sussex County, Newton, New Jersey. He begins March 1 with the 60-member northwest New Jersey congregation.

    Rev. Mansfied was ordained in November 1976 by our congregation after graduation from United Theological Seminary in Dayton.

    He served as our minister from 1975 to 1985, and was the lead in our relocation from Salem Road to old Anderson High School and to our present location.

    Doak is widowed and the father of two sons and five grands. An avid amateur historian, he has served seven congregations during his 46-year career, as well as ministry with the US Army Reserve (eight years as chaplain) and hospital chaplain. He received a successful heart transplant in 2010.

    Photo: Rev. Dr. Doak M. Mansfield