Keep your information up to date

Keep Your Information Up-to-Date

Has your contact information changed? This includes your various phone numbers, email addresses, home address, and/or emergency contact information.

With the exception of emergency contact information, you can determine if your information is up-to-date by accessing the church directory from the password-protected page: or navigate through menu’s community option to member’s area and then to the password protected church directory.

If changes to your information in the directory are required, send an email with the new information to our Church Administrator, Martha Viehmann, in the office at:


If you need the password to access the directory information, please send an email to the above address with your request and include your phone number. Martha will call you with the password. For security reasons, passwords are not provided by email.

To place emergency contact information on file, or to update your information, please complete a form, which is found in the church lobby. Leave the completed for on Martha’s desk (face down). 

Thank you for helping us keep our records accurate.  

Image source: Pikist.