Items from the October 1993 Heirloom

by Mike Roberts, Church Historian

Items from the October 1993 Heirloom:


Thanks to those who helped in the dedication of our new hymnbooks.

–to Connie Booth because of her deep love for music and her determination to share that love with all of us at Heritage, we now have dedicated hymnbooks for all our enjoyment.

–to Jerry Howard for leading the worship service, and the rest of the choir for their assistance.

–to Garry Wilson and Andrea Booth for the preparation of the nameplates.

–to everyone who helped with the fund raising project for the hymnbooks. Of the 100 books purchased, 95 are paid for , 87 by church families and 8 by the Clara Barton Guild.


To celebrate our new parking lot, a Tailgate Party will be held Sunday, October 3, after church. Bring a picnic and meat to grill, if you wish. Family games and fun will be provided.


The Clara Barton Guild will meet October 13 at 7:00 to allow time to view and discuss a video. The topic of the evening is “Mentoring.” Who have been your mentors and teachers during your life? Whom do you now mentor? All women of the church are welcome.


Meredith Vickers would like to give some appreciative someone a small Spinet Organ with lesson books. If you are interested in this wonderful addition to your home or organization, contact Connie Booth.


This fall the Adult Religious Education group will be focusing on meditation. Over the next two months we will explore some of the various techniques used: the mandala, music and tai chi, as well as more conventional methods.