I Wonder … what makes you say “this is love!”?

by Laci Lee Adams

Hi everyone! As I sit down to write my first newsletter article after parental leave, I have to admit to being so full of gratitude (for each of you and this community) and questions (about what has transpired in these intervening weeks) and competing feelings and anxiety and new insights. I have often said that Benny made me a mother, which they did. The second time around this thing we call motherhood is so much more nuanced and complex, but equally filled will joy and wonder and fear. Molly might not have made me a mother, but they made Benny a sibling and for that I am appreciative beyond words. Benny has certainly taken to this role and can often be heard in our home yelling, “I want my baby!” Emily and I are elated that Benny feels complete kinship and care of Molly already. Another frequent occurrence in our home is Benny coming over and hugging Molly and then asserting, “THIS IS LOVE!” I have to admit, I completely agree, “This IS LOVE!!!” Seeing Benny love Molly and learning to love them together has already brought powerful lessons to thinking about church.

Churches are like families. We experience the same opportunities for connection, the swelling of love and the blooming of anxieties and tantrums (yes, our home life hasn’t been all love and rainbows!) when our communities/families/churches change or grow or welcome new members. When our families change, we have to open ourselves to the fullness of this experience, make room for all of our feelings, and trust that if we led with our hearts – we will be able to say “THIS IS LOVE!” Love does not erase things, but it helps us to do hard things.

I am so glad to see my little family grow and grateful for the space I have been given to embrace those changes. Thank you, dear ones! I am also so happy that this time has brought with it insight for our growing family. I feel so much better prepared to meet the future with all of you having had time to meet the future with Emily, Benny and Molly.

Molly and Benny