How Universalists “Move”: Contrasting Two Ads

by Mike Roberts, Church Historian

Lewis B. Fischer, in his 1921 book on Universalism entitled Which Way, states that “Universalists are often asked to tell where they stand. The only true answer to give to this question is that we do not stand at all, we move. Or, we are asked to state our position. Again, we can only answer that we are not staying to defend any position, we are on the march.”

Contrast these two ads, first by our church at City Temple on April 27, 1957; the second from a Salem Acres pamphlet circa 1980.

(1) We avow our faith in God as Eternal and All-conquering love; in the spiritual leadership of Jesus; in the supreme worth of every human personality; in the authority of Truth, known or to be known; and in the power of men of Good-will and Sacrificial Spirit to overcome all evil and progressively to establish the Kingdom of God.

(2) We introduce thoughts and beliefs of many religions. We avoid imposing limited religious beliefs of any kind. We affirm that a greater understanding of ourselves and of others, reduces the risks of disillusionment, self-defeat and selfishness.