Committee Membership Policy

The Board of Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church (HUUC) acknowledges the importance of committees which function well. Committees, indeed, do much of the work of the church. Their effectiveness depends on the willingness of dedicated, committed people to devote their time, energy and talents to the committee’s goals. The HUUC Board of Trustees has adopted the following policy to standardize and clarify committee membership. The HUUC Constitution defines the membership of the Board and the Committee on Ministry, so this policy does not apply to those committees.

I) General Invitations to Join Committees: The Board will periodically make all congregants aware of the committees and the basic roles of those. General invitations for committee membership, through newsletters, pamphlets, website postings, service announcements or committee fairs, will be provided at least twice a year.

II) Basic Guidelines for Committees:

a) Staff and committee members may recommend to the chair specific persons to join a committee. People with especially relevant talents, skills, team potential and level of commitment can help move the committee’s work forward.

b) Agreement with other committee members regarding the direction of the committee should not be a criterion, but willingness to work toward consensus and the chosen result is.

III) Changes in Committee Membership:

a) The core membership of all committee should be in place by September although members may be added throughout the year.

b) Any member or other interested person may volunteer to serve on a committee and would be welcomed at work.

c) Volunteers who hinder the progress of a committee or who display inappropriate motives or behaviors may be asked to step off the committee. Such a request would be made in person by the committee chairperson with the Board Liaison present. Sound rationale would be provided. Any volunteer being asked to leave a committee may pursue a grievance with the Board of Trustees

IV) Role of the Board Liaison: The Board Liaison is not an official member of a committee but serves as a resource to them.

V) Reports to the Board: Reports to the Board are made by either the committee chair or designee or by the Board Liaison.

~ Approved by the Board of Trustees, December 8, 2014.