Church Budget from a Simpler Time

by Mike Roberts, Church Historian

As we pay off our Christmas bills, get ready
for our tax documents to arrive in the mail, and think of a federal deficit measured in the trillions of dollars, let us look back to a simpler time. Following is the projected budget of our church for the 1933-34 fiscal year.


A. Subscriptions and pledges, including Sunday offerings: $2,000.00

B. Dividends from investments: 1,391.50

C. Additional contributions to cancel 1932 note from Highland Bank: 700.00

D. Church rental: 500.00

E. Donations: 125.00

F. Other gifts and special offerings: 150.00

Total: $4,866.50


A. Administration:

1. Minister’s salary: 2,250.00

2. Office expenses: 100.00

3. Postage and printing: 100.00

B. Choir and music (10 months): 300.00

C. Maintenance: 1,087.20

D. Payment on state quota: 20.00

E. General Expenses: 120.00

F. Note payable: 700.00

G. Insurance: 89.78

H. Miscellaneous, including interest on note: 99.52

Total: $4,866.50

NOTE: At the top of the budget is the quote “Economy is itself a great income.