Church Auction a Success

by Mike Roberts, Church Historian

In 2003, our church leadership decided to undertake a new fundraising effort. Their courageous plan was to conduct a large-scale auction of donated items. Some skepticism existed as to how successful the effort would be. The following article from the December 2003 Heirloom reports the results.


When a handful of people met in April to discuss the possibility of an auction, we only dreamed of such a success! Our goal was threefold: to make it a fun-filled family affair, to build community, and to reach a modest goal of $3,000 to $5,000 for our beloved church community.

If you were able to attend the auction on November 8th, you witnessed first-hand the socializing, fun, and fantastic food that made this event so memorable, At this point, the total amount of money raised is over $9,000.

Don’t fret if you missed the chance to sign up for some of the wonderful dinners, wine tasting, and fixed price events. We will hold these events open until they are filled. Just see Donna Buckley or Tracy Rossa to sign up after church.

Donna Buckley and Tracy Rossa may have been the co-chairs, but this was truly a team effort of many hours of work by the Auction Committee of Jennifer Sanders, Julie Kane, Bill Gupton, Tracy Jo Duckworth, and John Sandman. Special thanks go out to John Sandman who tirelessly worked the computer, Bari-Garner Holman, his Auction Eve sidekick, Jill Frank who masterfully created the vision we shared for the decorations, Bill Lyon and Tom Rockenfield, who performed the roles of masters of ceremony so artfully.

Thanks also to those who helped out behind the scenes, most notable, Bob and Connie Booth, the Frank Family, Tamara Smith, Kerry Larson, Layne Richard-Hammock and Denise Martinez. Many hands came through during the last few weeks of immense preparation and we thank you for your donations of time, talent and resources! We also thank those of you who helped out during the evening of the auction. We gratefully appreciate each of you and hope that all of you found the auction to be a tremendous event well worth repeating.

As of this writing in March of 2013, yet another auction is in the works, scheduled for April 27th. Again, much help is needed to continue the success of the past auctions which in total have raised well over $50,000 for this church community. Let’s see if we can hit that magic $10,000 mark this year. If you would like to help in any way, contact Ann (newly retired) Roberts at [phone number].