Choir Director: Steve McCamley

Steve McCamley joined Heritage Church as Choir Director in September, 2017. Steve has been a Music Minister at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church (IHM) in Anderson Township since 1997, and Co-Director of a Church Choir at IHM since 2001. He was a Music teacher in public schools in Pennsylvania for five years as a High School Choir Director, High School, Middle School and Elementary School Band Director, and general music teacher for grades 7-9. He also was a Music Director for a number of musicals at various theaters for five years. In Cincinnati, Steve has played in pit orchestras for musicals at local high schools for four years. He also produced and performed on albums of original songs by his wife, Sherry, and daughter, Erin. Steve can play many instruments, but particularly enjoys the saxophone and trombone. Steve has a degree in Music Education from Pennsylvania State University.

Steve also has an MBA in Marketing from Penn State, and has worked in Marketing and Sales for companies like Procter & Gamble and Kenner. Steve and Sherry live in Anderson Township, as does their adult son, Patrick. Steve is proud to follow in the footsteps of his daughter, who was Choir Director at Heritage from 2014-2017!

You can email Steve at: