• Peace Camp Registration Closes May 10 for the June 10-14, 2024 Event

    Peace Camp Registration Closes May 10 for the June 10-14, 2024 Event

    Heritage’s Peace Camp (open to kids ages 5-11, Junior Counselors ages 12-16, and high school student Counselors over age 16) runs June 10-14, 2024, but registration ends May 10, 2024.

    To register a camper, access the form at:

    To discuss Junior Counselor or Counselor opportunities contact Laci Adams at:

    For more information on this weeklong day camp with fun daily activities that teach empathy, encourage tolerance, and respect diversity, see or contact Laci at the above address.

  • Heritage Unitarian Universalist Land Acknowledgment

    Heritage Unitarian Universalist Land Acknowledgment

    Heritage Unitarian Universalist Land Acknowledgment 1

    Today we stand on the ancestral lands of the Hopewell, Adena, Kaskaskia, Osage, Wyandotte, Shawnee, and Myaamia Nations and others whose names are not known to us. We honor those peoples who stewarded this land for countless generations.

    Many nations were removed unjustly by the U.S. government. We continue to be the beneficiaries of that removal through the ongoing legacies of settler colonialism. Today’s indigenous peoples are actively striving to maintain and revitalize their traditional ways and language.

    We affirm that Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church, as part of the Unitarian Universalist Association, has joined the growing list of faith communities who wholly reject the premise of the Doctrine of Discovery, which, from the 15th century to the present, provided a legal and religious framework for sanctioning the brutal conquest and colonization of indigenous lands and people.

    We are committed to taking a deep look at the ways our society has justified colonialism, domination, slavery, and the genocide of indigenous people.


    1. Adopted March 2024 by the Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church Board of Trustees ↩︎

    Image source: photography by Mimi Sinclair of HUUC’s nature trail

  • Creating Magic Moments Together

    HUUC Women’s Retreat

    Friday afternoon, September 27 to Sunday afternoon, September 29, 2024.

    Hope Springs Institute near Peebles, OH

    For well over a decade, HUUC has held this version of the women’s retreat at Hope Springs. We made and continue to create magic moments together with crafts, song, dance, yoga, sacred walking, sharing, fireside chats, and lots of laughter. We welcome all who identify as women, friends, and members of HUUC for three days of deep diving into sisterly community. You always have a choice regarding your participation level.

    The price is $290 for all lodging and meals from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Scholarships are available. A $100 deposit is due by June 2, 2024. The full, non-refundable payment is due on September 8, 2024. Please provide these payments to Julie Kane. She can be contacted at

    For more details, ask Ellie Lamb, Laura Palmer, or Tracy Jo Small. Tracy Jo can be reached at

    Image source: Courtesy of Tracy Jo Small

  • Step Up to Serve Heritage Church

    Step Up to Serve Heritage Church

    This spring brings many opportunities for you to step into leadership and serve Heritage Church and our wider denomination. Here are just a few:

    Have you considered serving on our HUUC Board of Trustees or on our Endowment Committee? Nominate yourself or someone else by contacting Board Vice-President Julie Kane, at :

    There are three three-year Board terms open beginning in July. There is one three-year term for the Endowment Committee beginning in July.

    Would you like to get involved in Unitarian Universalism in the Greater Cincinnati area? Consider stepping up to represent Heritage on the UU Council of Greater Cincinnati. Again, apply to Julie Kane (see email address above). 

    All candidates will be voted on at our Annual Meeting on June 2, 2024.

    Interested in being a delegate from Heritage to this year’s online-only UUA General Assembly? Speak with Board President Jaime Castle at:

    You may have heard that there are important matters being voted on during G.A. this June. Heritage is entitled to four lay delegates, each of whom has a vote in those matters. We’d love to have our full slate of delegates filled this year, so if you’ve been thinking about this kind of involvement, now is the time to toss your hat in the ring. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home, or your own laptop! If you have questions about General Assembly, speak with Rev. Bill Gupton at:

    Image Source:

  • Pill Bottle Recycling

    Pill Bottle Recycling

    It is time to end the pill bottle recycling project at Heritage UU Church. Mathew 25 Ministries no longer accepts pill bottles for recycling and there are no instructions for preparing bottles for reuse that I could find on their website.

    We have not collected batteries or CFL lights for recycling for years now. Some batteries such as lithium batteries can be taken to Batteries Plus.  Lowes recycling center accepts plastic bags, CFL bulbs, rechargeable batteries, and cell phones. Lowes garden center accepts plastic planter pots for recycling.

    Perhaps there is an opportunity for someone to start a recycling effort that could bring sorted things to the Cincinnati Recycling and Reuse Hub. I noticed among the pictures on their website that they collect pill bottles.

    Yours in the spirit of this church, Robin Wickett.