• Making a Contribution or Pledge Payment to HUUC during the Sunday Worship Service?

    Making a Contribution or Pledge Payment to HUUC during the Sunday Worship Service?

    Use the blue envelopes (found at the rear of sanctuary or ask an usher) for contributions or pledge payments you are making to the church when adding them to the collection. Loose cash or checks in offering plate go to weekly outreach recipient.

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  • Need a Little Hearing Assist?

    Need a Little Hearing Assist?

    We all need a little assistance now and then. So why not take advantage of the boost if your hearing needs a bit of help – no shame involved. Hearing assist headphones are available for the Sunday morning services. Just ask an usher for the device.

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  • Missed A Sunday Service?

    Missed A Sunday Service?

    It is not the same as attending in-person or viewing in real time on Zoom, but portions of most worship services are available for later viewing on the church website – For personal security reasons, the Candles of Community portion of the service is removed. However, if you can’t be physically or virtually there on a Sunday morning, you can still enjoy the music and reflections. A collection of recent Sunday worship service videos is available at

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  • Welcome to our Church

    Welcome to our Church

    Do you know someone who is Heritage curious? We always love visitors, but we especially invite newcomers on July 14 and August 4, 2024 for Visitor Sunday for new families. We look forward to welcoming your friends and family into our sanctuary!
    For more information on the themes for those specific Sunday morning worship services, refer to the Worship Dates and Information section on

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  • The Heritage Choir Wants You to Join Them!

    The Heritage Choir Wants You to Join Them!

    Although the Heritage Choir presentations are on hiatus for June and July, following their recent performances at the June 9, 2024 T-Shirt Sunday service, that doesn’t mean they are gone for good. How about you joining them when they reconvene?

    Do you love music?

    Do you like to sing, and make music with others?

    Consider joining the Choir at Heritage! They make lovely music and have fun doing it!

    For more information, please contact Choir Director Steve McCamley at 

    Photo Caption: The Heritage Choir at the June 9, 2024 T-Shirt Sunday Worship Service. Shown left to right – front row – Steve McCamley, Sherry McCamley, middle row – Rebecca Pace, Gloria Walker, Kay Inskeep, Valerie Dubay, Alison Lang-Hickey, Joann Meyer, Barb Beezley, Terri Gaitskill, back row – Frank Collins, Louise Lawarre, Bob Lamb, Kate Noel Wells, Bob Booth, Ellie Lamb, Kai Novak.
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