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Heritage’s Labyrinth Arts Festival (LAF) will not be held in 2015. Please continue to access the LAF website for information regarding any future art events at Heritage UU Church. Thank you for your interest and support to the fine arts in the Greater Cincinnati area.


Map showing Cincinnati and the location of the Labyrinth Arts Festival

Click for detailed map.


Pictures from the 2014 Festival

Photographs | www.labyrinthartsfestival.org Fabrics | www.labyrinthartsfestival.org Ceramics | www.labyrinthartsfestival.org
Jewelry and ceramics | www.labyrinthartsfestival.org Glass | www.labyrinthartsfestival.org Jewelry | www.labyrinthartsfestival.org
Fabrics | www.labyrinthartsfestival.org Arts festival through stained glass | www.labyrinthartsfestival.org Browsing | www.labyrinthartsfestival.org
Woodturning demonstration | www.labyrinthartsfestival.org Loom demonstration | www.labyrinthartsfestival.org Drawing | www.labyrinthartsfestival.org
Music | www.labyrinthartsfestival.org Food | www.labyrinthartsfestival.org Music | www.labyrinthartsfestival.org



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