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Vesper Services - a new worship opportunity

 Nourishing our Souls through Sound and Silence Services

Beginning Wednesday, September 10

The worship will be patterned somewhat on the Taize’ Monastic Worship in France, the spoken word, using music, and silence. Readings, scripture and poetry will be presented by the leaders. Simple songs, chants and rounds will be sung by those who wish to participate.  Silence will follow each segment of sound. This pattern will be repeated several times during the evening.

Attendees are requested to arrive and depart in silence.  There is no plan for social time, but worshipers are encouraged to linger in silence after the service.

 This service serves as enrichment for our congregation, especially for those who are unable to be present on Sunday morning, or those who teach church school.

 All teens and adults are welcome to join in this quiet time.

At this time, child care will not be available. Questions can be directed to Connie Booth.


6th Annual Women’s Retreat

September 26-28, 2014

Retreat from your Daily Routine with the Women of Heritage

Leave your worries behind and choose from a variety of activities. Enjoy the sumptuous, healthy food and beautiful setting of Hope Springs in Peebles, OH. Just $245 for the weekend, a $75 deposit holds your space. Click here for the registration form. Contact Julie Kane for more information


Labyrinth Arts Festival

October 11, 2014

Festival hours are 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Admission is free of charge with donations accepted.

Now in its third year, the Labyrinth Arts Festival has established itself as a well-regarded art show in the Greater Cincinnati community. Embraced by art collectors, music lovers, and festival goers. The Labyrinth Arts Festival gives patrons the opportunity to really get to know the artists and their techniques. Art styles cover all major disciplines and each artist’s works are available for purchase. LAF’s live music ranges from folk, bluegrass, classical and pop – all presented by accomplished musicians.

Visit the Labyrinth Arts Festival website for more information. Artists interested in participating can go directly to the festival website or use these links to find Artist Inquires, Guidelines and Policies and the Artist Application.


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Heritage Auction

Many thanks to all who helped make our annual Auction such a fun and successful event!

Go to auction website to check on your purchases.

October 5, 2014

My Journey with God

Rev. Bill Gupton


Every now and then, it’s a good idea to revisit and reconsider our concept of “God.” If a regular, periodic “checkup” is good for our physical health, then surely the same is true for our spiritual health. Rev. Bill will share what he means by the word “God,” how that meaning continues to change and evolve for him – and he will invite you to perhaps reimagine your own understanding of the “biggest little word in the English language.”

Sermons in September


September 7, 2014

“Ingathering Sunday”

Revs. Bill Gupton and

Leslie Woodward


September 14, 2014

“Musical Memories”

Les Tacy and

our Heritage musicians


September 21, 2014

“UU 101 for Everyone

Rev. Bill Gupton


September 28, 2014

“So What’s the Deal

with Chrisianity”

Rev. Bill Gupton

Next Potluck Sunday — October 19, 2014

Join us in the Great Hall after the service. This is an opportunity to catch up with old friends

and make new friends. Bring a dish to share. Childcare is provided.

Currently seeking applicants for Choir Director. Click here for more information and how to apply.



Text Box: September 2014

September 28  2014

So What’s the Deal with Christianity?

Rev. Bill Gupton

Unitarian Universalists are notoriously ambiguous when it comes to Christianity. Though we grew, historically, from Judeo- Christian roots (they are even enshrined in our UU Principles) – and although we profess to be radically inclusive and welcoming of persons of all faiths – many of us are (and denominationally we always have been) in conflict with the Christian mainstream … not to mention with Christian fundamentalism.

Why is it that Christianity seems to push so many of our buttons? How might we learn to live more comfortably alongside our Christian neighbors … not to mention those Christians among us in the Heritage community? How far do our values of acceptance and tolerance go? Are they unlimited? And should they be?